I have always been intrigued with the consciousness of being a pilgrim on a spiritual path. I believe we are all truly on pilgrimages with every step that we take. I see our life as “the road” or “the path”.

I have participated in many angelic adventures where I have actually made a pilgrimage to a sacred site or shrine and have come to recognize that they are simply enhanced experiences of what is occuring every day in my life. Pilgrimages help me get back in touch with myself.

I am sharing this with you because I felt like Charles Foster’s THE SACRED JOURNEY was written for me.

I highly recommend this book if you are contemplating a pilgrimage as a spiritual activity for your life. There are so many thoughts that the author shared that were “good food” for my soul. I hope that you, too, find the book spiritually nourishing.

I loved Foster’s statement that a pilgrimage is a journey to the ultimate oneness.

Foster also shared that each pilgrimage is a journey backwards. And that the only way to really move forward in our lives is to be curious, eager, excited little children. Christ taught us that little children inherit the kingdom.

The book is rich in inspirational quotes that I have jotted on post-a-notes in my office. My copy of The Sacred Journey is filled with highlighter underlinings and folded pages, all an indication of pages where Charles Foster’s words were so filling to my soul that I didn’t want to loose track of them for future reference.

Charles Foster’s The Sacred Journey was a blessed reading pilgrimage experience.

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